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This category describes not the mainstream issues most couples deal with, but instead those situations where couples are in a constant adversarial state and conflict is becoming the relationship. These couples appear to be compelled to fight over who is right, who is going to be in control, how to retaliate or withdraw to cause harm and are prone to unbridled self expression. It is important these couples seek treatment quickly before causing irreparable physical and/or emotional harm to themselves, their children or family members.


Assessing your strengths, learning what you can from past experience, mourning the loss of workplace relationship and tasks that provided you with meaning, cutting your loses financially, and finally focusing on a new direction that you will find rewarding are just some of the issues related to career change.


Health, appearance, job and career issues, downsizing, ticking biological clocks, issues with aging parents, loss of sexual vitality, a sense of being “stuck” … are just some of the issues facing mid-lifers. All can be daunting to those in or facing their middle years, especially if children have returned home due to economic on domestic crises. Therapy can often bring the challenges of this time of life into focus and ease the transitional burdens everyone faces.


The foundations of human happiness appear to be based on human values such as compassion and love. Teachings on the practice of ethics and values have a definite convergence throughout the world’s religions. “All the faith traditions emphasize a virtuous way of being, the purification of the mind from negative thoughts and impulses, the doing of good deeds, and living a meaningful life. All contain essential moral codes that are designed to help one avoid unwholesome actions and embrace virtues. All traditions have a set of moral precepts for living a life that restrains one from harmful actions while encouraging the cultivation of virtues, notably love, compassion, forgiveness, tolerance, contentment, charitable giving and service to others. “- Dalai Lama. Excerpt from Toward a True Kinship of Faiths. Although my background has been shaped by Christianity, I am in tune with spiritual issues and focus on what people of faith have in common.


A post doctoral fellowship in gerontology alerted me to the challenges of growing old gracefully. Complaining about physical problems, becoming depressed over losses of sight, hearing, memory and concentration, resenting the growing dependence on others, facing the loneliness of living without a spouse, accepting total assisted living care from strangers, being separated from supportive family members by geography, taking multiple medications and dealing with their interactions, are just some of the challenges which might interfere with retaining t a sense of meaning in later life. High quality treatment planning and assessment are crucial for working with people over 65 due to the variability within this population. I find it a privilege to work with the elderly.


Nine years of working clinically in hospitals have acquainted me with most health challenges, head injuries, strokes, arthritis, diabetes, cancer, multiple sclerosis and many other chronic illnesses. Pre surgery anxiety and medical compliance issues are also treatable issues.


I have spent several years working exclusively with police officers and deputies in the Los Angeles area. My commitment to provide support for men and women returning from military service has also given me a great respect for the issues that can accompany those that expose themselves to life threatening circumstances for our benefit. Post traumatic stress issues, relationship conflicts and reintegration into the community and a few of the challenges faced by those who serve us.


Bariatric surgery can provide a successful solution for many candidates. But, it is a serious medical procedure and requires careful assessment before a final decision should be made. I offer consultation with potential candidates, pre-surgical assessment and follow up until the client has found their post-procedure “balance.”


This addiction is tough on your health, wallet or purse … not just the cost of cigarettes, but insurance and other indirect out of pocket expenses. This can be a very difficult addiction to overcome (to which I can personally testify) Freedom from smoking is possible. You can experience a return of energy, clean hair and clothes, a renewed sense of smell, taste and you will have a dramatic increase in your “kissability factor”.


Anger management isn’t just a male issue, nor is treatment always the same. Anger, whether expressed verbally, behaviorally or physically, can be devastating to the recipients as well as those affected by their conflict. Children are especially vulnerable to its effects. Different techniques are effective based upon gender and circumstances.


This addiction has certainly been in the news in the last few years. Because of the subject matter, it is often treated with a degree of levity. However, if you are caught up in this addiction the problems it creates can be lethal to relationships, self-image, finances and other important aspects of your life. Treatment for relief from this addiction is available and can be very helpful.