Couples & Relationships

The world couples face today is a very different place than it was for our parents and grandparents. They relied upon marriage to help them survive the hardship of wars, economic downturns, geographic dislocations and disease. Tradition, duty, and survival issues helped to keep them together.
Romantic expectations were often put on the back burner while dealing with the day-to-day struggles of life.

In the 21st century the rules and expectations have changed. Couples and their relationships are limping along or falling apart at an alarming rate. The skills of staying together have not been learned. The early hormonally driven, “in crush, love sick” stage rarely sustains those who do not know how to be relational. Obtaining competency in these skills is critical, not only to keep couples together but also to awaken them to a world where love and passion can flourish.

My goal is to teach you a relational process so you will become proficient at:

  • Identifying winning strategies for respectfully living in the relationship;
  • Living the five core skills of a well-adjusted person: healthy self esteem, owning one’s reality, good boundaries, interdependence, and moderation;
  • Acting with maturity even when your partner is not able to be as mature for the moment;
  • Effectively speaking, listening and negotiating;
  • Cultivating pleasure and generosity;
  • Learning to hold each other in warm regard despite each of your imperfections;
  • Holding your partner accountable to honor, a) rules for respectful interaction and, b) agreements they have made with you;
  • Working on your side of the relationship.